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Social Media ROI

In a great article about Social Media ROI, author Erik Qualman provides some concrete examples that show how powerful this medium for communication is. Consider however a brand cannot only rely on only one vehicle approach to get in the mind of its prospects, it requires a multi-pronged to be effective. An integrated effort that hits on multiple levels strengthens any one avenue. Here are some noteworthy examples that Erik uses

Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family business from $4 million to $50 million using social media.  Gary’s eccentric personality and offbeat oenophile knowledge have proven a natural path to success with his Wine TV Library. Vaynerchuk found first hand that $15,000 in Direct Mail = 200 new customers, $7,500 Billboard = 300 new customers, $0 Twitter = 1,800 new customers.

Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter

eBay found participants in online communities spend 54% more

These are some startling and inspiring facts. If you are currently utilizing social media, what has been your measure of success?

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