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How to take control of your to-do list

Having an unruly to-do list can be overwhelming. If you find yourself rushing around, but not actually getting anything done, try the following process:

  • Write it all down. Put everything on one list. Determine which tasks are easy and which are more difficult.
  • Do some easy things. Spend 15 minutes doing the easy tasks. Focus on speed: make the quick phone calls, shoot off the brief emails. Cross as many tasks off the list as you can.
  • Turn to a bigger task. Turn off your phone, close all the open windows on your computer, and focus on one of the more challenging tasks. Do this for 35 minutes without distraction.
  • Take a break. After 35 minutes, take a 10-minute break. Then return to step two.
We found this tip in Guide to Managing Stress, and encourage you to try it out

Invest your money where R&D in new corporate management techniques are being developed

Re-Tooling the Corporate Structure of Management
Market forces are at work as the traditional corporate structure of management is being reviewed and re tooled in an ever changing environment. Over the last few years many corporate management structures have been compared to the U.S. Government – a large bureaucratic mess that is not in touch with reality.

Today with the increasing size of most large corporations it’s become more difficult for them to evolve and take risk when it comes to incorporating new technologies and ideas into their corporate management structure. No one wants to rock the boat. Change can be scary, cost money, and might not work. On the flip side change can still be scary, save a company lots of money, and can open doors that lead to new products or services.

We encourage companies to set aside a portion of money to be invested in small businesses in all kinds of sectors. The amount of money invested in each business can be as little as $20,000. We consider it R&D for management. Just one breakthrough from a company you invested in links you to a new solution to make your corporate management structure more efficient and profitable. Additionally, being on the ground floor provides a first mover advantage as you take this new concept out to market.

Kompani Group believes companies must be flexible by allowing new ideas and solutions that are not the norm to be introduced into the corporate structure. It can be uncomfortable at times but when you’re too comfortable with status quo you’re probably not growing and someone else is going to sneak up behind you and then leave you in the dust.

Seacapital Group – sustainable resources, cultivated opportunity

logoKompani Group has added SeaCapital group to its roster of clients. SeaCapital is the first private equity firm dedicated solely to investments across the sustainable seafood value chain. Their mission is to advance sustainable and safe seafood resources by investing in companies and technologies that promote innovation and responsible development.

SeaCapital’s focus is to invest in growth-oriented companies across the seafood value chain in partnership with exceptional management teams. SeaCapital focuses on organizations with considerable growth prospects, and works closely with management to create and execute an expansion plans that encompass organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Their principals collectively have more than 100 years of seafood and finance industry experience including a distinguished track record of working with management teams to build companies into larger and more deeply integrated organizations. The investments will be made solely in the sustainable seafood value chain where their significant experience in operations, strategy, and corporate finance will add significant shareholder value. Since 2003, the Seacapital team has completed eleven strategic acquisitions and divestitures with an aggregate value of more than $120 million.

Invest in your own business ideas, but keep your current job!

Why invest on Wall Street when you can invest in your own business ideas, without giving up your current job?

Kompani Group’s business model offers a very effective “breeding” platform for ideas that are born by seasoned executives who are currently enjoying seniority and well paid positions at larger national – and international corporations.

Just because you are a senior executive at a Fortune 1000 company doesn’t mean that you don’t have great ideas for new business ventures that fall outside the core business of your current employers business model, and instead of just allowing those great ideas collect dust over the years or see someone else a few years later build a thriving business based on the same ideas, you can now take those ideas to Kompani Group who in return for a performance fee and an equity stake in the new business will allow your conceptual ideas to “take flight”.

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