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Marketing/Sales – Lead generation the old fashioned way

In today’s world, relevant sales leads can be searched across the Internet and found in the most unexpected places: lists of group members, participants at events, recipients of awards, industry rankings, local listings are all publicly available for entry into your own database.  For most smaller to small-medium companies, e-marketing, cold calling, cold mailings and cold e-mailing, as well as on-line and off-line social activities, are still the most effective and most cost-efficient ways of building a pipeline of leads and new prospects.

Lists that can be purchased from lead resellers such as InfoUSA and Superpages are not current, a waste of money, and create embarrassing ROI for all of us.

To keep the labor cost of data entry down, we have been testing the offshore companies that specialize in this function. Recently we have found very reliable and very inexpensive labor (in Pakistan, as it happens) who can take on multiple simple data entry projects for us and our clients. This means that any list, book, certain search criteria, links to zip code-generated searches, etc., can be cost-efficiently transcribed into a spreadsheet or a CSV file that can be used for export to any type of broadcasting, publishing or shipping application.

Here’s an example that makes the point: We began working with a national airline from a South American country 3 months ago. Despite having been in business for 54 years, they only had 400 names in their database, which meant that we had to start from scratch in building them a mailing list. Through research we found a zip code-generated database via a certain Tourism Authority, but despite several attempts to contact the association we were never able to speak with someone who could tell us how we could purchase the list directly from them. We then engaged our team in Pakistan to manually enter each zip code between 10,000 up to zip code 99,000 resulting in the full contact data (including e-mails) for 4,000 certified expert travel and tour operators in the United States with a specific interest in our client’s key destination.

In this case we found a database where each zip code had to be manually entered, and if registered travel and tour operators existed under this zip code our data entry team would copy and paste the information into a simple spreadsheet.

It’s hard to overstate how valuable these qualified contact lists can be. We suggest you speak with your team to learn if they can help us help you increase the size of your e-marketing/ mailing lists on a weekly basis. Speak with them about the importance of making it a habit for each employee to provide you with or enter their leads into your company’s CRM system (such as Highrise) or submit ideas, printed lists, and new search criteria ideas to the person in charge of marketing.

There are no short cuts in building great businesses, and it is the small, tedious and time consuming activities that generate results every time.

Communicate or Die

Most people have a difficult time writing content for their websites, let alone email blasts. The easiest and simplest way to get your word on the email wire is to create a digest of your website’s content. Content? Yes… Blog posts. Wait a minute, he said blog posts. Yes ladies and gentleman, you work tirelessly to do a great job for your clients and run a ship shape company. We can hear you say, “I don’t have time for to write blog posts.” Many people try writing to their blog, then stop. The common thought is that the effort does not equate to $$$$. Below are some indirect ways that writing to your website will help with your business.

  • It makes you a thought leader, a knowledge powerhouse, with the potential of being perceived a leader in your field.
  • It shows the rest of the world that your doors are open for business. Imagine going into a store and all their products are covered with dust. That’s how it looks when you have a blog post or news item dated 2007!
  • Allow search engines to get more link juice by finding relevant content and associate that content to your business.

If you commit yourself to write at least one blog post a week.  You will have 4 great articles to post in your newsletter. It’s that easy.  Aim high, even if you only write two posts, that’s great content for your newsletter.

When you are ready to send your blast. Get a small excerpt from each post, the title and a read more link pointing to your single blog post.

Here are all the milestones you reached:

  1. This exercise keeps your website current.
  2. Not only will you get traffic from the search engines, but the newsletter will remind your prospects and contacts about your existence.
  3. If some of your blog posts are helpful tips (like this one) you pay it forward.
  4. And finally, the most effective e marketing systems will provide you with an abundance of intelligence and analytics about who actually read your newsletter, who they forwarded it to and what they clicked on in the newsletter.

Like greatest showman on Earth, P.T. Barnum, who turned 200 years on July 5th 2010, always used to say: “What happens when you stop promoting ………absolutely nothing” because every business depends on having a winning online presence.

Kompani Group has launched another incubator brand, and we named it Kompete because  the space they operate in is extremely competitive and the services offered by Kompete can be vital to any company which finds itself in its own very competitive business environment.

Web Design Miami

This new web design and online marketing company is a new breed of no-nonsense interactive company, where functionality, cost effectiveness, design and strategic ideas are guaranteed.  Kompete’s mission is to always to seek to empower the client to manage their websites in-house, thus allowing Kompete to focus its efforts on delivering online results for the client’s business.  Their unquenchable thirst for new ideas and tireless advocacy of working smart assure the clients that their online solutions will outperform their competition’s online efforts, today and in the future.

Kompete offers cost effective smart web site packages for any size budget, and their crew is passionate about creating winning online solutions for any type of business model.  Their creative, technologically advanced, and flexible interactive solutions will stand the test of time, propel lead generation, online orders and impress visitors.  At Kompete you always win, because they understand that their success is only through their clients’ success.

What provides an unrivaled return on investment, and is safer than investing in Gold?

We have always thought that most companies are missing the boat in terms of how much their brands are really worth, because they don’t understand how much a small investment in their brand quickly multiplies the perceived value when going public or when attracting growth capital. In most cases a small investment in their brands immediately translates into a competitive edge for products sold off/on the shelf or on the web.

Since all businesses have a number of case studies that are relevant to their target audience, we suggest that you establish a CSS style web site, with a blog and content management backend where posting a new page or new blog is as easy as writing a word document or an e-mail. If you take a closer look at your competition, you will also realize that they aren’t effectively using the social media and other means of SEO friendly web sites, which in turn will send you scores of inquiries from new prospects.

Building a well designed and professional site, writing content and educating you on how to maintain or update the site is fairly inexpensive, and can be done for about $7,500 – $10,000.

Even though our own site and are more complex than what you may need, they represent the web 2.0 CSS type of web site we are talking about. Both of these sites are receiving new hits and leads every week, mainly because they both are optimized for SEO and because we are active in posting blogs.

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Camacho and Room 101 Launch New Luxury Cigar Line

Our client Camacho Cigars has been working on a secret project for sometime. The project has finally launched!

Room101, the alternative luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge, is proud to announce their new line of Room101 Cigars ( Originally founded in 2003 by Matt Booth, Room101 will introduce the premium cigar into their already successful line of silver jewelry, clothing, and accessories. The Room101 Cigar collection will be a blend of attitude, culture, celebrity, and some of the world’s finest tobaccos.

Read the rest of the Press Release here:

Kompani Group would like to congradulate Dylan Austin on another successful cigar launch.

The Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga

Kompani Group has added The Law Offices of Kanner & Pintaluga to its client roster. Kanner & Pintaluga is an aggressive, ethical, and results-driven law firm committed to exclusively representing accident and serious injury victims throughout Florida. Their primary focus is to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients, who have the absolute right to receive the maximum compensation for their injuries. Since establishing the Firm in 2003, they have recovered in excess of $30 million dollars on behalf of thousands of our injured clients. Kanner & Pintaluga is also a client of The M Network, who continues to execute on all their radio, television and online spots. Kompani Group’s role it to plan, design and deploy Kanner & Pintaluga’s new online web presence in multiple languages.

Camacho Cigars

Kompani Group has added Camacho Cigars to its roster of clients. Camacho cigars was founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho, Camacho Cigars was acquired by the Eiroa family in 1995. Now part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, Camacho Cigars is one of the key players in the international cigar market. The flagship Camacho brand, made  in Danli, Honduras, is comprised of 9 premium and ultra-premium line extensions: (Super-Premium: Diploma, 10th Anniversary Corojo, Liberty Series, Triple Maduro, Select)(Premium: Corojo, Coyolar, Havana, SLR). Camacho Cigars also has 7 core brands, including Baccarat The Game, America’s #1 selling premium cigar.

Case Study: Occidental Hotels & and Resorts

An international hotelier wanted to revamp its own brand as well as those for each of its sub-brands, without causing internal competition between properties. Principals from Kompani Group narrowed in on the key experience each family of resorts delivered and then tied it into the parent company’s new brand image that redefines all-inclusive travel… The Infinite Experience or Infinite Luxury.



Where bright, sunny days are only revealed by the cheerful nature of staff and guests, Allegro is a resort experience built around delivering Infinite Joy. Always in motion, and constantly creating vivid colorful memories, every stay is an adventure guests won’t soon forget.


Occidental Grand

Few places on Earth deliver the kind of exotic sophistication found at Occidental Grand resorts. An Infinite Escape awaits travelers in every way imaginable – whether it’s breathtaking beaches, ancient ruins, or artistic cultural experiences, these resorts are a departure from all expectations.

Royal Hideaway

Royal Hideaway

Like something out of a dream, where the whole world bends to every guest’s whim, the Infinite Luxury of Royal Hideaway resort is the crown jewel of the Occidental Hotels & Resorts family. It is elite vacationing at its absolute finest.

Occidental Hotels & and Resorts is based in Spain, Madrid and is a consortium consisting of 4 hotel brands, Allegro, Occidental Grand, Royal Hideaway and Occidental Hotels. The group owns and controls a total of 62 hotels and resorts in Europe and Latin America.


Brand Communication Strategies:

With the new positioning approved the next part of this project included consolidation of 7 pieces of marketing collateral into 2 brochures, refinement of the identity for each of the four Occidental Properties, development of new content, photography, retouching, printing and planning and design of all 4 individual web properties and . The consolidation of the multiple brochures in just two pieces have resulted in easier distribution logistics and significant cost savings.

Services: Strategic Marketing / Advertising Planning, Branding Positioning, Creative Concepts, Media Planning Services, Photography and Video

Interactive Strategies:

Occidental Website

The majority of bookings at Occidental resorts have always been, and will continue to be booked by Occidental’s loyal following of travel agents and tour operators. But as the expansion-and continued acquisitions strategy would significantly add capacity to Royal Hideaway it became apparent that Occidental would have to build a more effective online presence to help offset the increase in rooms with more online bookings.  The brand alignment strategy allowed us to build one consolidated online booking web property for the four individual brands, which in return allowed Occidental to focus all e-marketing budgets on driving traffic directly to the main site or through product specific micro sites.

Result: Total direct online bookings increased fivefold in the 6 months following the launch of the new Occidental Hotels web site.

Services: Interactive Strategies, Online Marketing, SEO, SEM

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