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Communicate or Die

Most people have a difficult time writing content for their websites, let alone email blasts. The easiest and simplest way to get your word on the email wire is to create a digest of your website’s content. Content? Yes… Blog posts. Wait a minute, he said blog posts. Yes ladies and gentleman, you work tirelessly to do a great job for your clients and run a ship shape company. We can hear you say, “I don’t have time for to write blog posts.” Many people try writing to their blog, then stop. The common thought is that the effort does not equate to $$$$. Below are some indirect ways that writing to your website will help with your business.

  • It makes you a thought leader, a knowledge powerhouse, with the potential of being perceived a leader in your field.
  • It shows the rest of the world that your doors are open for business. Imagine going into a store and all their products are covered with dust. That’s how it looks when you have a blog post or news item dated 2007!
  • Allow search engines to get more link juice by finding relevant content and associate that content to your business.

If you commit yourself to write at least one blog post a week.  You will have 4 great articles to post in your newsletter. It’s that easy.  Aim high, even if you only write two posts, that’s great content for your newsletter.

When you are ready to send your blast. Get a small excerpt from each post, the title and a read more link pointing to your single blog post.

Here are all the milestones you reached:

  1. This exercise keeps your website current.
  2. Not only will you get traffic from the search engines, but the newsletter will remind your prospects and contacts about your existence.
  3. If some of your blog posts are helpful tips (like this one) you pay it forward.
  4. And finally, the most effective e marketing systems will provide you with an abundance of intelligence and analytics about who actually read your newsletter, who they forwarded it to and what they clicked on in the newsletter.

Like greatest showman on Earth, P.T. Barnum, who turned 200 years on July 5th 2010, always used to say: “What happens when you stop promoting ………absolutely nothing”

What provides an unrivaled return on investment, and is safer than investing in Gold?

We have always thought that most companies are missing the boat in terms of how much their brands are really worth, because they don’t understand how much a small investment in their brand quickly multiplies the perceived value when going public or when attracting growth capital. In most cases a small investment in their brands immediately translates into a competitive edge for products sold off/on the shelf or on the web.

Since all businesses have a number of case studies that are relevant to their target audience, we suggest that you establish a CSS style web site, with a blog and content management backend where posting a new page or new blog is as easy as writing a word document or an e-mail. If you take a closer look at your competition, you will also realize that they aren’t effectively using the social media and other means of SEO friendly web sites, which in turn will send you scores of inquiries from new prospects.

Building a well designed and professional site, writing content and educating you on how to maintain or update the site is fairly inexpensive, and can be done for about $7,500 – $10,000.

Even though our own site and are more complex than what you may need, they represent the web 2.0 CSS type of web site we are talking about. Both of these sites are receiving new hits and leads every week, mainly because they both are optimized for SEO and because we are active in posting blogs.

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