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Web Optimization Services

Ask for our Results Guarantee in terms of conversion rates (CR), click-through rates (CTR), Share Of Voice, Visibility, Traffic, Avg. Position and SEO Rankings.

Web Design

The best design favors user experience (UX). We’ll focus on key elements for an attractive, user-friendly website. Is your website optimized for UX?

Web Development

Speed. Security. Stability. Searchability. Usability. Responsiveness. By providing website optimization services we’ll make sure your site performs.

Website Optimization & SEO

SEO is more than a buzz word - it’s a lifeline for your business. This website optimization service makes you easy-to-find on search engines.

Branding & Identity

When we craft a brand strategy, we always aim for that uncharted area where a brand does more than compete... it wins.

Digital Marketing

Marketing without data is a bit like gambling. We conceive, test, optimize your website to leverage channels that deliver results.

Business Management

We'll help extract actionable insights from business data, serve as a strategic sounding board, & provide ongoing tactical support.

Jan and I have worked together on a seperate start up venture for almost two years. During this time I have increasingly learned to value Jan for his insight and candor. His sincerity and integrity are some of his strongest assets that solidify a trusting relationship. I am confident that these traits will continue to underline and help Jan excel in his new venture. I look forward to upholding our rewarding relationship for many years to come.

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Daniel Mann
Vice President- Product Management at AIDA Cruises

Get Ahead of Competition and Stay Ahead with our Website Optimization Services

We design, build, and optimize beautiful e-commerce websites for fashion & lifestyle brands. We love partnering with merchants to help them scale using design, technology, CRO, and email marketing.

For more than a decade, we have been serving clients ranging from initial concepts to multi-national, multi-billion dollar organizations. That said, a majority of our clients are between $5 million – $50 million in annual revenue. 

  • Artistic & Creative Designers
  • Brand Strategists
  • Finance Geeks
  • Marketing & PR Professionals
  • Operations Executives
  • Search Engine Optimizers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Technologists
  • Video Producers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Writers

Our first step is to fully understand the structure of our client’s organizations. How they work together, how they interface with customers/clients, what tools they use, what processes they follow. The more we understand the organizational culture, vision, resources, and goals, the better we can determine how to cultivate the desired effect. Our ultimate aim is the have your company live and breathe your brand. In so doing, the impact on your external stakeholders is unmistakably positive.

Initial requirements are determined at a Kick-Off meeting. We need to understand the complete objectives of the relationship in order to assign our internal resources, establish the proper project responsibilities and tasks, determine the proper KPI’s, and then to hold ourselves accountable. If we are not effective, there is no reason for either party to maintain the relationship.

While this site provides a general high-level understanding of work, and the list below does it again, we suggest you contact us directly so we can talk more specifically about how we can help your organization thrive. In the meantime, one might summarize our services as follows:

  • Strategy: Branding, Organizational Hierarchy, Business Modeling, Business Formation
  • Planning: Business process, Marketing planning and budgeting
  • Identity: Naming Strategies, Product Hierarchy and Logo Refinement
  • Brand: Brand Hierarchy and Brand Strategy Development
  • Design: Collateral, Packaging, POP, and Advertising
  • Growth: New Product Launch Strategies and Growth Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing: Execution of Marketing Initiatives, Ongoing Support, Affiliate Programs
  • Consulting: Intellectual Property, Strategic Change, Sounding Board
  • Interactive: Website Development, E-commerce and Social Media
  • Online Marketing: Advertising Strategies, Media Placement, E-Marketing, SEO, and Analytics
  • Development: Applications, Tools, Integration and Training
  • Sales: Distribution Channels and Distribution Strategies
  • Lead Management: Generation, Cultivation, Tracking
  • Content: Content creation, content refinement and sales letters
  • PR: Press releases and assistance in event planning

We approach relationships on project, retainer, and hourly bases, always attempting to be as efficient and effective as possible. Where lower rate team members can accomplish tasks as fast as higher rate team members we will assign the work to them. In cases where it is more cost effective to have our more experienced members handle efforts they will. In either case, we will always determine resources based on creating quality deliverables that are aligned with the goals of the engagement. Our hourly rates range from $150 to $250 per hour.

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