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Strategy in business optimization applies across all areas of an organization
includes the research and analysis to make intelligent decisions, forming plans, setting the direction of a program or offering, determining product feasibility, and even if you have the right name.

With long and diverse careers our team has developed robust experience such that today, our clients continue to call upon us to serve as a sounding board, serve on boards of advisors, provide occasional or routine feedback, help with R&D, help with intellectual property research, spearhead obtaining patents for new products, author business plans, strategic plans, and go-to market strategies. We are your partner and are even willing to engage for equity or revenue sharing in certain cases.


We Build Brands that Compete… and Win

Effective brand strategy provides a central, unifying idea around which all behavior, actions, and communications are aligned. It permeates the culture within an organization and shapes your company’s public image. The brand works across products and services, and is inherently effective at shaping loyalty. The best brand optimization strategies are so differentiated and powerful that they deflect the competition. They are easy to talk about, whether you are the CEO or an employee and serve as a core component of any business driven development plan.


Smarter Marketing Begins with In-Depth Analysis

Conceiving, tracking, monitoring, and making decisions about where to focus marketing efforts based on Data and ROI.

Marketing without data is a bit like gambling. You have the sense there’s a way to win, and you can see how playing a certain way can get you there, but unless you really know what you’re doing, the odds are against you.

Successful marketing incorporates a deep analysis of the market, the industry, clear definitions of your targets, and a thoughtful determination for how to reach them.

When done right, proper marketing begins by considering the brand. All efforts must stay true to that.

From there, we consider fundamental principles such as the prospect and customer journey — where and how they discover and experience your brand — and then make decisions based on budgets, timelines, and, of course, required and/or projected returns on your investment.

Content Production & Publishing

Creating Impressions Through the Right Mix of Words and Visuals

Content production and publishing, communications, or content marketing have become the foremost methods of building market awareness in the last decades. Because today’s information-based society is so driven by exposure and searches, tactical marketing can often be most successful through producing relevant and consumable content and distributing it through carefully selected channels. Some of the key elements contributing to the production of successful content are below.

Art Direction & Execution

People have innate instincts about what draws their visual attention and what can be disregarded. In the world of content marketing, arranging imagery, choosing the right size and color of typography, breaking up content into easy-to-consume chunks, and including suitable opportunities for response or interaction is all a precise balancing act. Communications that are too busy or complicated can yield equally poor results as communications that don’t provide enough excitement. The other challenge? Not every design is appropriate or interesting to every audience. Matching a visual look and feel to the content you create is what immerses an audience in everything you have to say (even those things that you don’t overtly spell out in text).


Words. They can be your greatest assets or your greatest undoing, but your business certainly can’t survive without them. Effective wordsmithing is purpose driven. That is why clever turns of phrase show up in marketing and advertising more often than they do in informational catalogs or instruction manuals. Similarly, eloquent phraseology may work well in printed pieces, but can fall short when trying to deliver SEO which relies on more common terminology. From brochures, direct mail, and advertising, to web copy, social posts, emails, and scripts, to business plans, corporate documentation, operations manuals, policies, and more, we make sure that what you say makes sense, makes a point, and makes a positive impression on your intended audience.

Email Marketing

The value of direct communication is almost immeasurable (although we’ll certainly give you plenty of supporting data). Email allows you the dedicated concentration that social media simply cannot provide. However, it takes strategic, well-timed, relevant messaging to get opened, create conversions, or stay in people’s inboxes until they’re ready to act. Optimization of your email efforts is a Kompani Group specialty, with automation and other services to simplify the entire initiative.

Social Media Marketing

“Social” media is the new “word of mouth.” Regular posts help your business stay top of mind, share your brand personality, and attract and engage people who aren’t subscribed to your e-marketing lists. Take it one step further and focus your efforts towards targeted demographics and you can cultivate unique advertising opportunities, interact with industries and companies beyond your own direct network, and more. Social media can be a valuable platform for growing your existing audience thanks to a higher likelihood of sharing compared with emails, and also allows for smart strategic alliances with other brands or organizations… all with relatively low expenditure when compared to print media and direct sales efforts.

Website Design & Development

Successful websites focus on delivering the right experience for your visitors/traffic. So what is your website’s purpose?

  • Attracting new prospects
  • Selling a product
  • Catering to members
  • Delivering information
  • Facilitating information exchanges/requesting quotes
  • Otherwise?
Armed with the understanding that comes from your branding and marketing goals, we will help define and then develop a visually appealing website that serves the function or functions we have prioritized together. Does it need to be visually stunning? Does it need to be deeply interactive? Does it need to be outrageously simple? We’ll help you get the site where it needs to be.

Already have a site but need additional support? Learn more about our Web Hosting | SEO | Website Maintenance and Repairs.


Whenever someone searches for something related to your organization — any products, services, concerns, needs, team members, etc. — your website needs to be listed on the first page for the search queries relevant to your business. That if you want to be considered seriously as a resource on that search topic.
In the “old days” of the internet there were around 2 billion websites and standing out was easy. But now that you likely have competition for the key topics for which you wish to be known, you need to do a bit extra to be found. From this point on the game starts to get interesting and those who have more knowledge in how a stronger online presence is built will stand out in this “jungle” of overwhelming information and the raising of new competitors every day.
People need to find you when they are looking for you. You can do that through advertising, but you will have to perpetually pay for advertising for every impression and every click. SEO positions you as the answer to your prospects question, organically. By being on top of search results, you are perceived as a major player in the industry, you have credibility, and you are going to get more traffic to your site. More traffic leads to more opportunities which leads to more revenue.
A well-defined target audience can help generate more leads if the landing page has high-quality content that is relevant for the search query. We make that a top priority in our optimization process.

Digital Advertising (social media, PPC)

Digital advertising connotes a broad spectrum of advertising channels, including, but not limited to Pay-Per-Click advertising on search engines, such as Google Ads, remarketing, display advertising in general and on any industry related sites, and social media ads. These all have their place alongside SEO. Sometimes you need to be in front of people who are not looking for you specifically. Sometimes you want to stay in front of people who have come to visit you in the past. And sometimes you just cannot get the organic traffic you want via SEO, either because competition is too steep, you don’t have the depth of content on your site, or people don’t even know they should be looking for you in the first place. A combination of the above can help users move through the buyer funnel.


If you’re not already using video as a communication tool for your business, you may be missing out. Once considered too expensive or complicated to execute, video is a robust solution to communicating even the most complex of topics with ease. Demonstrations are great for launching innovative new products. Product information videos aid sales teams and reduce the need for in-person travel. Interviews with team members give a glimpse into company culture and provide public relations opportunities. In the majority of cases, the decision to use video can be made even more cost effective by shooting multiple sets of footage on the same day and then editing and releasing different segments over time.
So, Why Else Should You Consider Video?
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