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If you haven’t connected with Kompani Group lately, you might be missing out on some of our most effective solutions for growing your business, strengthening your market position, and enhancing your brand.

So, let’s catch up – with a quick Top 5 summary of what we’ve been working on lately, and how we can leverage our expertise towards helping you achieve your business goals.

#1 Digital Advertising

We have been working with targeted ads for Facebook and Google. Having the right ads, with the right keywords and images, optimized for the right audience and showing at the right times, can significantly increase your visibility – and response. It takes a keen eye and solid data analysis to do this right, and we’re happy to do just that.

#2 SEO 2.0

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in technologies and training to give our SEO clients the edge when optimizing their sites for search engines. Implementing our efforts, our clients have seen significant growth in leads. It’s a more insightful, results-oriented approach to SEO that brings value and performance to the task like never before.

#3 E-Commerce Development

It’s not just for B2C’s anymore (though we build those too). In fact, 82% of business buyers* want the same shopping experience for business procurement as when they make personal purchases. Whether you are selling directly or through distributor networks, there are strong advantages to do so by employing eCommerce. These include staying competitive in a modern digital age, showing you are innovative, and also enjoying flexibility in how you can capture online traffic (even if you are not selling to that traffic). There is so much you can do with eCommerce even if you are working through re-sellers. Ask us more!

#4 Collaboration & Productivity Tools

Did you know that Google offers a professional business platform for email, cloud storage, calendaring, document collaboration, and so much more? It is less expensive, easier to use, and more secure than the primary alternatives. We use G-Suite at Kompani and are Google Partners. And that’s just one of many tools to make your organization work better. If you’d like to consider better options, let us know.

#5 Creative Problem Solving

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Kompani Group is the fact that we’re a holistic business think tank. So, we like coming up with clever answers to your biggest business challenges. Maybe you’re not getting the most out of your CRM system. We have some exciting ways to change that for the better. Maybe you’re not getting the kind of social media engagement you want and it’s time to try something different – like our comprehensive video or animation services. Need something different? Just ask – we’re here for you.

Of course, you know already that we are focused and driven strategists, analysts, writers, designers, and developers. You know that we take an iterative and data-driven approach to our work where we dive in, push forward, review results, and optimize. We’ll help with branding, marketing, websites, advertising, strategy, and general business management.

We’re already gearing up to make 2020 a banner year for our clients. If we haven’t spoken lately, get in touch with us soon so we can help you build your plans and budgets for the upcoming year… because every business deserves to be in Good Kompani.

Thank you for your continued support.

*According to a recent study of over 6700 consumers and business buyers worldwide



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