Data-Driven Branding

Effective brand strategy provides a central, unifying idea.

When we craft a brand strategy, we’re always aiming for that uncharted area where a brand does more than compete… it wins.

Effective brand strategy provides a central, unifying idea around which all behavior, actions, and communications are aligned. It works across products and services, and is effective over time. The best brand optimization strategies are so differentiated and powerful that they deflect the competition. They are easy to talk about, whether you are the CEO or an employee. Also brand strategies must represent a vital part of any business driven development plan.


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How do we do it?

We typically start with our BrandMap process, which typically
includes at least some of the following:


Market research is the gathering, evaluation, and interpretation of data affecting customer preferences for products, services, and brands. This tool is used to understand attitudes, awareness, and behavior of potential and existing customers in various market segments and is the first step required in any business driven strategy that wants to aim for quality data. Results often indicate opportunities for the future.

Target Profile

Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care? As competition creates infinite choices, companies look for ways to connect emotionally with their customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships. A strong brand identity stands out in a densely crowded marketplace. How your brand is perceived affects your success, regardless of whether you are a start-up, a nonprofit, or a product.

Brand Evaluation

From brand image studies to online surveys examining customer satisfaction and web usability, market research takes many forms. Traditionally, research is classified as qualitative or quantitative and primary or secondary. Research is not a black box that automatically provides an answer. Rather, it is a tool that seeks to probe and reveal new insights about customer preferences and behavior. Believers hold that it is a necessary foundation for meaningful branding strategy and the only way to validate preconceived impressions. Smart research can be a catalyst for change; useless research can stand in the way of innovation  and business development.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies’ is another business driven strategy tool and it’s main objective is to provide full comfort to the decision makers through an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed project. The study is based on extensive investigation and research, and the aim is to rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success.

Big Idea

The big idea is the battle cry or statement of empowerment that makes the brand come alive. It can always be expressed in a few words or a single sentence, even though the rationale behind it can sometimes fill a book. The big idea is sometimes only used internally; other times it is suitable as the central idea behind marketing communications.


A logotype is a word (or words) in a determined font and color palette which may be standard, modified, or entirely redrawn. Frequently, a logotype is juxtaposed with a symbol in a formal relationship called the signature. Logotypes not only need to be distinctive, but also need to be durable and sustainable. Legibility at various scales and in a range of media is imperative, whether a logotype is silk-screened on the side of a ballpoint pen or illuminated in an external sign twenty stories off the ground. The logotype is one of the key elements of a brands identity.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture refers to the hierarchy of brands within a single company. It is the interrelationship of the parent company, subsidiary companies, products, and services, and should mirror the marketing strategy. Brand identity design brings consistency, visual and verbal order, thought, and intention to disparate elements to help a company grow and market more effectively.


In the branding process the best creative ideas will show themselves once we have carefully analyzed the past and created the brand strategy for the new business. We have created our own proprietary brand mapping process, which includes product assessment, goals, insights, and strategy sections.

Brand Expression

Actors call it subtext; writers call it implicit conversation; we call it brand expression. It’s that idea behind the idea that people understand without experiencing it directly, that happy feeling from a brand that makes you smile, or that confidence that only strong brands deliver.

Unique Messaging

A taste of what the body copy would look like in a print ad, online, or in other forms of promotion. Key messaging is a representation of the tone and manner of the brand. To retain consistency, any communication about the brand should not depart too much from the core concepts expressed here.

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