Data-Driven Marketing

When done right, proper marketing begins by considering the brand.

Conceiving, tracking, monitoring, and making decisions about where to focus marketing efforts based on Data and ROI.​

Marketing without data is a bit like gambling. You have the sense there’s a way to win, and you can see how playing a certain way can get you there, but unless you really know what you’re doing, the odds are against you.

Successful marketing incorporates a deep analysis of the market, the industry, clear definitions of your targets, and a thoughtful determination for how to reach them.

When done right, proper marketing begins by considering the brand. All efforts must stay true to that.

From there, we consider fundamental principles such as the prospect and customer journey — where and how they discover and experience your brand — and then make decisions based on budgets, timelines, and, of course, required and/or projected returns on your investment.

To iteratively improve marketing performance we persistently analyze:

Website Engagement

Campaign Engagement

Social Interaction

Various Marketing and Advertising Channels

Data Relating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Average Annual Opportunity Pipeline Growth All Clients Since 2008

Some of the data points we leverage to make informed decisions include:

Open/Click Rates

Phone and Web Traffic Sources

A/B Tests

Conversion Ratios

Social Traffic and Conversions

Sessions by Device Type

Kompani Group is doing a great job for our Pressroom Team. Our name/brand is getting lots of attention in the market and our sales team is well pleased with the amount of traffic these efforts generate. Thanks for your help and commitment in making this a success.

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