The View from 50,000 feet
Strategy in business optimization applies across all areas of an organization and includes the research and analysis to make intelligent decisions, forming plans, setting the direction of a program or offering, determining product feasibility, and even if you have the right name.
With long and diverse careers our team has developed robust experience such that today, our clients continue to call upon us to serve as a sounding board, serve on boards of advisors, provide occasional or routine feedback, help with R&D, help with intellectual property research, spearhead obtaining patents for new products, author business plans, strategic plans, and go-to market strategies. We are your partner and are even willing to engage for equity or revenue sharing in certain cases.

Research and Analysis

Delivering Better Business Intel Through Multiple Data Sources

Having a second site of eyes, an analytic mind, or just extra people who like to know more…Market research, competitor research, product research all for determining opportunities, pricing strategies, channel strategies, business intelligence based on the market or your own company (analyzing CRM for sales efficacy), recommendations to compensation plans, M&A targeting, setting, measuring, and refining KPIs,

Market research is the gathering, evaluation, and interpretation of data affecting customer preferences for products, services, and brands. This tool is used to understand attitudes, awareness, and behavior of potential and existing customers in various market segments and is the first step required in any business driven strategy that wants to aim for quality data. Results often indicate opportunities for the future. 

Every time my we have engaged with Kompani Group they have exceeded my expectations by far. I always thought that our company was organized quite well before hiring KG. KG organized our company for growth, did the re-branding, designed the corporate identity, organized marketing and sales and helped with streamlining processes. We are still working with KG on an ongoing basis. I am not hesitant recommending KG. We have worked with several KG staff members and can only say that they are great business people and very trustworthy.

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