Jan Havmoeller

Managing Partner

Jan Havmoeller brings a wealth of knowledge in international business, brand management, development and nurturing of intellectual capital, technology and marketing.

Jan has a keen business sense and a proven track record of more than two decades of leadership and entrepreneurial experience that serves to help companies achieve their goals through effective brand/business management. 

His passion and drive for energizing dormant brands and applying the firm’s unconventional wisdom to new or existing brands, breeds success.

A native of Denmark, Jan Havmoeller holds a degree in mathematics from Silkeborg College, and a degree in international trade and finance from Silkeborg Handelskole. He also attended Danish Banking School where he earned a degree in finance; Copenhagen University, where he studied theoretical statistics, mathematics, international trade and finance.

Jan Havmoeller


Strategic brand consulting, strategic research and planning, technology, identity systems, brand hierarchy development, business management consulting, creative direction and design. Excels on solving the seemingly unsolvable.

Professional Tags

Brand building, interactive, banking, finance, investment banking, private equity, business management software, collaboration tools, derivatives, technical analysis, theoretical statistics, economics, business models, intellectual property, web architecture, wire frames, site maps, online applications, accounting, IT, people, sales, marketing, incorporation, intellectual property,  international trade, and green and environmental friendly endeavors.

Personal Tags

Devoted husband and father, 3 children ages 22, 13 and 11, sailed trial Olympics in Laser, competitive downhill skier, premier league squash, 1st. division badminton, 2nd division soccer in Denmark, 3 time Danish golf champion (team) – 2 times silver and one bronze individual Danish Championship, cars, loves nature, roses and tulips, speed channel, golf channel, discovery channel, Bloomberg Financial news, House and the Mentalist, favorite movie is Gladiator, favorite actor is Gerard Depardieu, favorite dog is Vizla, and favorite car is Aston Martin. Career in my next life – professional soccer player. 

Jan is a highly ethical executive whose specialty is integrity. His firm is well structured, very creative and driven to develop and cultivate chosen markets for their clients by superior branding expertise.

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Executive Coaching,TEC/Vistage Chairman/Facilitator

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