Having the right technology in place makes everything work better
With so many choices, numerous compatibility issues to consider, and the scalability of your entire technology ecosystem it is often a daunting task to commit long-term.

Communications are streamlined, processes are more efficient, users can focus on work and not administrative redundancies, data is more readily available to facilitate actionable decision making…and all the other ways you can optimize your business with technology.

But finding the right solutions and implementing them successfully requires organization and experience. See more about our process and some of the solutions we typically help our clients onboard.

Our Process:

Requirements Gathering & Documentation – Identify stakeholders, understand their unique roles in the decision making process as well as their usage requirements. Then, separate the ‘needs’ from the ‘nice-to-haves’ and align options with budgetary considerations. All of this is documented and validated before the search begins.

Research & Analysis, & Recommendations – We then dive into our experience with different technologies, our network of users in various industries, the tried and true google search, and schedule Q & A and demo calls to learn more. We record our findings and make recommendations. At this point, it may make sense for you to participate in some demos of the various tools to see if it feels right to you.

Implementation – When it comes time to implement the tech, it may be our team that facilitates the transition/implementation or it may be the new software/hardware/service provider. We can make sure data is prepared, tools are ready, schedules are coordinated, and proper training is facilitated. Doing this right is critical to success. The more users understand 1) that this is required, 2) how it helps them and will make their work lives easier, and 3) how the tools actually work, will make all the difference in a successful implementation.

Productivity Suite

The best business tools are the ones that all team members can access, and that all find seamless and simple to use. Without meeting those parameters, even the most feature-rich (ahem, expensive) enterprise platform can fail due to team member resistance and low adoption of new tools.

Our approach is more about helping you find the right tool for the job – now and in the future – with user-friendly, scalable solutions that offer point-and-click simplicity as well as robust integrations. We can help you go well beyond email, chat, video conferencing, and web-enhanced phone functionality, and experience the benefits of collaborative scheduling, interactive project management, secure document storage and sharing, financial and billing integrations, and more.

One of our favorites is Google Partners but we also offer insight and guidance into other platforms as well.

CRM and Ticketing Systems

The right CRM implemented the right way is not something that sales and service teams ‘have’ to use, it’s something they ‘want’ to use. It readily integrates with your email, website, and other tools, and makes it easy to see recent communications, history, deal or support stage, contact info, etc. Gone are the days of spreadsheets, database tables, and rolodexes.

But not only seeing what has been, but also what comes next. Having next steps and tasks associated with contacts, leads, opportunities, or open support tickets is critical to organizational efficiency and getting things done.

We can help you identify and implement the right system for you to make sure your users get off on the right foot and your organization derives maximum benefit.

Phone Systems

Not all phone systems are created equally. Like any other technical solution, identifying the right features and then embracing them is the difference between having a system and loving a system. Today’s most advanced telecom systems deliver the best of internet and voice communications into a single solution that can be used from a physical phone, over a web browser, and through a smartphone app – with substantial added functionality such as:

  • Accessing audio and video calls from multiple devices, seamlessly
  • Instant phone directory status updates that coordinate with digital calendar and appointment scheduling
  • Access contacts and CRM data from within other applications, without having to open separate windows.
  • Automatic digital audio recordings with cloud storage
  • Automatically log and save digital notes to connected CRM systems – including Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, Sugar, Zoho, and more.
  • Easily manage video, voice, chat, tasks, and more without having to switch between multiple programs.
  • Seamless call forwarding of office lines to cell phones, so no one has to miss a call – even when working from home or traveling.


So that your website is performing as it should at all times, we offer hosting services for all websites we develop, as well as for those looking for a hosting solution that has more customer service and oversight than the standard off-the-shelf solution.

Redstar Exchange worked with Kompani Group during our re-branding process. The appearance and positioning of our business was transformed as a result. From the initial naming and brand mapping processes through trademarking of our brand identity it has been an absolute pleasure working with Jan and his team. They are a highly capable and creative team with a collaborative approach that produces results.

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