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Website hosting on servers optimized for speed, security, and reliability.

Website hosting on servers optimized for speed, security, and reliability. ​


web hosting
$ 8
per month, paid yearly*
  • Business-class server
  • SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Annual SEO Audit Upon Request
  • Paid Support Available


web hosting & maintenance
$ 18
per month, paid yearly*
  • Business-class server
  • SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Quarterly SEO Audit Upon Request
  • Minor Support


web hosting & special care
$ 100 per month, paid yearly*
  • Business-class server
  • SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Quarterly SEO Audit Upon Request
  • Advanced Support

Of course you have your website hosted somewhere – but what are you really getting out of that relationship other than a parking space? You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that your choice of web host can actually make your site – and your business – run more smoothly.

Businesses have different needs when it comes to hosting, and those needs depend on who you have on staff and what you want to manage on your own. We have distilled all the options down to 3 simple choices.

Website Hosting. You’ve got to park your website somewhere, so how do you choose where to put it? In 2021, Kompani Group has revised service offerings for hosting to offer a few more options to our clients. In this video we’re going to talk through those options.

So now we have three different service offerings, going from very hands-off hosting to very hands-on hosting. And we are going to talk a little bit about those differences. With all of them, you are going to be on a Business-class server, you will have cPanel access, we are going to do regular backups, and we are going to do regular security monitoring to make sure the site stays safe and secure. As a part of that security, we are also going to issue an SSL certificate. This is important not only for the passing of information back and forth from the site but also for search engines. Search engines are now, the algorithms, are looking at whether your site is secure to determine how high up in search rankings you should be positioned. So, it’s important just for SEO.

So, our Basic package includes that and nothing else. This is great if you got an internal team, who’s going to be working on your website. Internal web developers or freelance web developers, whoever you have this outsourced too, to manage this site, to be doing regular updates, and keep the site secure. If you’ve got that team already in place, Basic is the least expensive and perfectly secure. That’s one option.

Next, we’ll talk about the Professional option. So, the Professional option takes all the elements from the Basic and it adds a little bit of support. Think about how your phone or your computer from time to time updates its operating system or updates apps that are on that device. Right? So sometimes these updates are relatively minor. It’s a little security fix. It’s a little stability fix. It makes it run a little bit faster. They are simple, they are minor, they are straightforward. So, with that professional plan, what we will do, is we will do these updates for you. We will check routinely to make sure that the site is current and if we see updates either in the platform itself, WordPress for example, the theme if there is a design theme that the website is using, or any of the plugins or apps or extensions that are on the site. If any of those need to be updated, we’ll do those as long as they are small, minor, incremental updates, and we also include a little bit of support time in case there’s some troubleshooting that comes along with doing those updates.

Sometimes when you do the updates some of the design elements break, the CSS damages, something like that. So, we will go in and fix those for you. But that’s the extent of the Professional plan.

So, for the Premium plan, what we’ve added is a little bit more support time, but we’ll also do the major upgrades. When you are upgrading your phone from IOS 12 to IOS 13 it’s a major update right? The same thing happens for WordPress. So for example, if we are updating from WordPress, say 4 to 5 or whatever the incremental number at the time when you have a major update. Again, there’s a higher propensity for the website to look a little bit funny after that happens. So, we’ll in this case do the major updates and then we will go and troubleshoot and fix anything that goes off. If something is really completely damaged and something is just way dated or just gets thrown way out of whack, we’ll always come back and communicate to you that there is a problem that’s going to take more time. But typically for most cases with the Premium plan, we’ve included enough service time to come in and do changes ourselves, get everything done. It’s very hands-off model for you, very hands-on model for us. So we are just continuingly monitoring the site, we’re continuing to make sure it’s okay and continuing to do those upgrades. So again, the major differences, the hands-off Basic, it’s sitting on our server. It’s safe, that’s it. The Professional, we’ll go in and do the small minor incremental updates, and with the Premium, we’ll go in and do the major updates and we’ll always communicate back to you if anything’s going to fit outside the balance of the service agreement. So those are the hosting packages. You can find more detailed information on the website, we’ll put the link below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. For any of you who are existing hosting customers, you are welcome to stay on your existing plan until your anniversary date at which time it will be time to choose one of these other options. And if you want to make the change now, feel free to reach out and we’ll pro-rate whatever balance you have on the account. So again, yeah that’s it. So, if you have any questions feel free to reach out. Thank you very much.

Compare All Website Hosting Plans

Basic Professional Premium
Business-class server
Regular site back-ups
SSL Certificate
24/7 Security Monitoring
Hack & Malware Removal
Caching technologies to speed page load time
cPanel Dashboard for admins
Bimonthly (every 2 months) checks for plugin/extension updates
Perform minor plugin/extension updates
Bimonthly checks for theme updates
Perform minor theme updates
Bimonthly checks for platform updates
Perform minor platform updates
Troubleshooting update issues for up to 30 minutes per bimonthly period*
Perform major plugin/extension updates
Perform major theme updates
Perform major platform updates
Troubleshooting update issues for up to 2 hours per bimonthly period*

*additional support billed hourly

The packages above apply to most, but not all websites.
We will notify you in advance if we learn that your site will require additional resources for proper support.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Hosting?

When was the last time your hosting company not only advised you of an upcoming technology shift, but also made the necessary back-end updates to your site software to be compliant? What about security compromises… has your hosting company ever identified a potential issue and then taken corrective action on your behalf to keep your data and customers safe?

Uptime, traffic, speed, responsiveness, glitches, and performance are important to the way your customers perceive your online presence and overall brand. How about how well your website is positioned to show up in search results?

If you’ve not heard from your host on any of these, that is normal. It’s just not our style. So there’s no reason to settle for minimum standards when it comes to where your website “lives.”

Like many other aspects of your business, we can put your website in Good Kompani with our Hosting service packages.

All Plans Include

Business-class Servers

Your website will be hosted on business-class servers to make sure it performs well.

Regular Site Backups

Regular site backups to ensure that if in fact a problem occurs there is always a recent restore point.

Regular Site Updates

Just like cell phones and apps constantly need updates so do web platforms and the various plug-ins they use. For our Professional and Premium hosting clients, we perform routine updates to the platform, plugins, and theme to ensure you are in prime shape.

Website Security Monitoring

If there is a more serious automated hack circulating, we pay particular attention to our sites to do our best to mitigate risk. This often means monitoring what website technologies are particularly vulnerable and increasing security around those particular vulnerabilities.

Website Uptime Monitoring

Technologies that will ping your sites server location a minimum of every five minutes to ensure your site is up at the server level. If ever we find that site is down we take immediate action to remedy the problem before your customers see the difference.

Speed Optimization

Super-cache technologies to increase page load time. In fact, we saw our own site double in speed after incorporating our new technology.

Top-Notch Support

Technical support is included in Professional and Premium plans for related hosting/domain type issues.

Regular SEO Auditing

And we’ll also run SEO audits to let you know how well your site is performing.

All of this keeps your site far more secure and performing optimally. It’s really like digital hospitality – with an absolutely gracious host.

Of course we also offer ongoing website support and maintenance services where simply by picking up the phone or sending us an email we can make any edits to the content of your site. We offer these services both by the hour and predetermined ongoing monthly budgets for routine work.

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