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Should you be using Video in your marketing arsenal?
Yes. End of article. Oh, you want more? Well…

Here are some reasons why you want to consider video:

Search Engines Love Them.

If a search engine, particularly Google, finds a video it considers relevant as a search result, that video typically shows at the top of results. We recently executed a campaign for a client where we made a series of videos showcasing their products. Within one day of our publishing those videos, they showed in a video carousel above the search engine’s list of standard website results.

People Love Them.

Increasingly, people are craving video. Videos are flexible and work well on websites, social media, and even as sales tools. They’re also an easily adaptable medium for communicating your brand’s personality, mission, products, services, value propositions, and plenty else. Moreover, video has the power to make a connection in a way text often doesn’t. Remember the adage: A picture is worth a thousand words? What if you take that picture and make it move, and then add sounds, music, and/or dialog. No wonder engagement and response for videos is usually higher than its text counterpart. It’s interactive, emotional, and often multisensory with music or dialogue thrown in. Add to that the fact that people are increasingly seeking opportunities to connect – especially these days – and video offers a platform for shared experiences, which goes a long way towards building brand loyalty.

It’s not that words on a page can’t achieve your goals (hey, you’re reading this, right?). Great writing can make your day, bring you to tears, inspire a whole new perspective. BUT, all that requires reading, which takes a bit more time to digest than video that condenses multiple ideas into moving images and sound. There’s also the matter of the methods by which we typically consume content. Smartphones have screens that are more conducive to images and videos than reading long-form content, and headphones deliver better sound quality in a smaller size than ever before.

Where do you start?

We start at the end… in other words, your goals.

Who is this video speaking to? What are we communicating? Are we helping folks get to know the company? Are we talking about a specific product? Are we sharing the culture or history?

Get Creative.

Next we start thinking about how to accomplish those goals, the concepts we want to communicate, and how those concepts are best executed.

Scripting & Storyboarding.

Now we can begin putting together talking points for interviews, scripts for voiceovers, and storyboards for what gets shown and when. This all helps identify where existing photos or video footage can be used, what might benefit from animation, and what new shots need to be captured to build the best-possible finished piece. Plan ahead for multiple videos to be released over time and you can arrange a shoot that collects lots of footage in a day or two rather than re-shooting new for each video. 


If people will be in your video, who are they? Members of your team? Or Actors? If voiceover, who is doing it? Casting is where we take the time to find the right people to help tell the story. 


Lights. Camera. Action! This is the glamorous part where the intensity of the project literally comes to life. People are walking around with equipment, capturing sound, footage, doing takes and sometimes retakes, and even coming up with some cool new ideas because something in the moment inspired it. 


This is the least glamorous, least exciting, but most critical part of the whole endeavor. Take all the footage, photos, audio files, music, sound effects, and put it together in a way that tells the story to maximize accomplishing the goals. Editing often is the slowest, longest part of the effort, but it’s really where the most magic happens. Fading in and out, zooming, using the famed Ken Burns effect, capturing and highlighting the right moments in the right order, syncing it to music or other audio – it’s all carefully crafted to win the hearts and minds of those who are watching, and to accomplish it in just a few minutes or seconds.


At long last, you can finally use your videos. Are they going into email marketing campaigns, social media, for use by your sales team, to customers for training, to the media for PR, to be played for a live audience to drive fundraising? Whatever the objective, videos are increasingly one of the most important mediums for communicating. 

Now, because we believe in practicing what we preach – here are a few of our own videos that we’ve helped create for our clients.

In 2012 we decided to make an investment in remarketing Baseload's image, along with a new go-to market strategy, etc. We evaluated several companies to help us with this process and after careful evaluation we choose Kompani for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the initial meeting went very well and we felt Kompani understood our market and what we were trying to accomplish within this niche. Secondly, Kompani's responses to our ideas and directions were right on the button and they were also very responsive to our requests during the sales process. Once we choose Kompani for our rebranding effort they far surpassed our expectations. We are extremely happy with our new brand assets and feel these assets put us in a position to win business in markets we haven't had prior success. Overall, the quality of work, the pricing, the understanding of our industry, meeting our required timelines, and the attention to customer service is second to none!

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