Prevent Those Embarrassing Moments

Whether it be a job interview or a presentation in front of a potential new client the best way to get through the most strenuous situations in life and in business is to handle them with confidence.  Confidence doesn’t start with preparing the content you’re about to deliver, it starts with self preparation.  Sweat stains on your clothes can not only show directly how nervous you are, but the thought of having stains at that moment can only make your rattled nerves worse.  How can you expect to deliver a knockout presentation if you aren’t 100% certain that you’re presenting yourself the best way possible?

Don’t Sweat It!

The average person perspires 8 ml per day per armpit.  Someone who perspires above average can produce up to 12 ml. However, with the help of 1-2DRY… Never let ‘em see you sweat! 1-2DRY specializes in underarm products that fight perspiration and its effects with products that are non-aggressive, easy to use, unisex, and all-natural.

1-2DRY can help individuals by combating perspiration on two fronts.  First with their best selling product, which  is probably one of the most unique products in the marketplace today.  1-2DRY Underarm Pads are high quality disposable pads designed to save individuals time and money on having to constantly clean their shirts.  More importantly these pads can help spare people the embarrassment of perspiration stains in their professional lives as well as personal lives.

About 1-2DRY Underarm Pads:

  • Attach to the inside of shirts
  • Just 1.5 mm thick and easy to use
  • Absorption capacity of up to 20 ml
  • Comfortable, soft and made of cotton
  • Eliminates damp patches and stains on valuable clothing
  • Saves on dry cleaning costs
  • Safe to use with all types of fabrics

1-2DRY also sells deodorants — a more traditional route to fighting perspiration but with a twist:

What sets their deodorant apart from the rest is that it is based on all natural ingredients.  It is formulated with powerful anti-microbial ingredients that help stop odor-causing bacteria and help prevent perspiration.  Being that it is all natural, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin that is easily irritated by other products.

Not only is underarm perspiration embarrassing, it’s expensive.  Perspiration contains significant amounts of sodium and potassium, which can permanently stain clothes.