CASE Emergency Systems

CASE Emergency Systems, a long time provider of emergency communications technology, has been delivering superior solutions to highly credible customers (major airports and transit systems, NYPD, the US Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, colleges and universities across North America, and statewide highway systems to name a few) for decades. But regardless of their success, CASE was looking to convert their technical expertise into a major and well-known brand.

They had worked with marketers, freelancers, designers, developers, et cetera, and even hired some talented individuals to join their internal team. However, even with that compartmentalized talent, they struggled to move from the reasonably productive and well-respected company to the major industry player they are today. How did this happen?

While we will not give away the full recipe of our special sauce, we will say that we started by looking more deeply at their internal culture, their existing company and brand assets, and how they were perceived in the market.  Through this analysis, we were able to identify some key opportunities to improve/optimize the CASE brand. We have also participated in R&D with regard to new product offerings. What you see today is a product of the excellent collaboration between CASE and Kompani Group.

In this collaboration, CASE was able to take advantage of not only the multitude of specializations from within the Kompani Group team (strategists, analysts, executives, marketers, writers, developers, designers, project managers…) but also Kompani’s ability to tie all of the work together into a cohesive effort that gave CASE the tools and resources it needed to break through its own glass ceiling.

A few examples of some of the more tangible deliverables are displayed below, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We love working with excellent service providers like CASE, and highly recommend your contacting them if you or your organization would benefit from offering your stakeholders the safety and security that comes with emergency call boxes, towers, or otherwise. They use solar technology, require no trenching or digging, install quickly, and can operate from even the most remote locations.

Client Comments:

“We really like all of the work you are doing. We love the message, the tone, and the story being told. Really well done. We appreciate all the effort and are seeing a strong response. The results are obvious every day. Thank you!” Chrisann Lawson, Vice President – CASE Emergency Systems

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