Work in the Zone

Quarter Company’s mission is to strengthen local communities by guiding both non-profit and for-profit businesses to achieve organizational excellence for the benefit of the common good.

Get Your Business Performing in the Zone

At QuarterCompany, we work to bridge the gap between organizations working to keep internal resources streamlined while maintaining vital office functions at peak performance levels. With our expert staff stepping in when and how you most need us, you’ll have a reliable solution for financial, human resources, reporting, legal, compliance and other administrative tasks.

Are you busy juggling responsibilities to look at quarterly performance or make realistic future projections? What part-time or temporaty staffing cannot provide the expertise? What are your options when full-time executives are not in the budget?
How taxing can it be on you and your organization when you bid for new work by submitting extensive RFPs or RFQs? Without an experienced and fulltime CFO, who is responsibile for timely and accurate financial statement preparations. Who interviews new applicants extensively to make sure they have the skill and training to be up to speed in a matter of weeks?

As a business owner or an executive for a non-profit organization you are probably asking yourself many similar questions every week.

A One-Stop Service Company

QuarterCompany is a unique, one-stop service company for administrative business activities such as accounting, business development, budgeting, HR, and financial planning. When an organization stretches a minimal internal staff to its limits, long-term objectives get put on the back burner.  That’s where QuarterCompany steps in.

QuarterCompany reviews key objectives and strategies with an organization’s leaders, analyzes operations, and conducts a thorough financial assessment. From the information gathered, they develop a comprehensive solution for each client.  As added value, they will connect that client with their network of strategic alliances comprised of companies from over 50 business sectors who will be providing special offerings that would otherwise be unavailable.

When their expert resources are applied to any business, that organization’s expenses will decrease and cash flow will increase. Their ongoing reporting and consulting focuses on keeping their clients strategically aligned with their mission.

QuarterCompany’s uniqueness lies in its comprehensive service offering, and its focus on giving back to the local communities it serves.  Nowhere else is this made more clear than with their creation of The Make Change Fund.  Through The Make Change Fund, QuarterCompany reinvests their own financial resources into the efforts and operations of their non-profit and community-based clients and partners.  After all, organizations, both non-profit and for-profit alike, need each other to survive.