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SEO Optimization
  • KG Reporting
  • Onsite Optimization
$495 /month


SEO Optimization
  • KG Reporting
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Consulting
$795 /month


SEO Optimization
  • KG Reporting
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Onsite Blog (2)
  • Visual Assets (2)
  • Long-form Content (1)
  • Consulting (10)
$1995 /month


SEO Optimization
  • KG Reporting
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Onsite Blog (5)
  • Visual Assets (5)
  • Long-form Content (2)
  • Offsite Content (2)
  • Consulting
$3445 /month

Those are just a few factors that we take into consideration when trying to obtain top positions in the search engine results pages. We are constantly creating and implementing high-quality strategies to ensure that your business is growing with the help of our Data-Driven SEO and SEM Services.

Whenever someone searches for something related to your organization — any products, services, concerns, needs, team members, etc. — your website needs to be listed on the first page for the search queries relevant to your business. That if you want to be considered seriously as a resource on that search topic.

A well-defined target audience can help generate more leads if the landing page has high-quality content that is relevant for the search query. We make that a top priority in our optimization process.

In the “old days” of the internet there were around 2 billion websites and standing out was easy. But now that you likely have competition for the key topics for which you wish to be known, you need to do a bit extra to be found.
From this point on the game starts to get interesting and those who have more knowledge in how a stronger online presence is built will stand out in this “jungle” of overwhelming information and the raising of new competitors every day.


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Introducing SEO and SEM

Our first weapon of choice in the pursuit of being in the top of all search queries is SEO (Search Engine Optimization – optimizing your website to ensure the search engines are finding your web pages and rank them among the first results).

A well put together SEO strategy needs to take into account many vectors to ensure that the search engine spider (crawler) finds you:

  • Identify your target audience and the keywords you want to rank for(use keyword analysis for this). In other words – know your business niche;
  • Have content that gets on top of SERPs (search engine results pages). This means it has to be clear, well organized, simple, concise and straight to the point. Quality content is very important in this era flooded by “fake news”. Search engines algorithms are constantly improving so only the pages that are relevant and have useful content are shown;
  • Improve your website loading time. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a website to load, so if you what to be on top of your competitors increase your website loading time. For the user to have a great experience, Google recommends the loading time to be under 3 seconds.
  • Improve user experience for your website. Google ranks user-friendly websites higher because a great experience delivers joy so the visitor can spend more time on it.
  • Optimize your featured snippets. Microdata featured snippets are a little piece of content that become more and more popular and useful because they provide quick, easily accessible answers to search queries without the need to dig through multiple webpages.
  • Show you’re the authority of your business and the expert in what you do. Search engine rank website for a business that has a reputation a bit higher. We are here to help you build a stronger reputation and increase website traffic.

Now that we understand better which steps to take in creating a strong SEO strategy, we can talk about SEM (Search Engine Marketing – the tactical effort of promoting the visibility of your website, including paid advertising). This type of marketing strategy is also known as a pay-per-click campaign (PPC) or paid search campaign. Using SEM you can increase your site’s traffic with the help of specialized software like Google AdWords, Google Analytics and SemRush that can show you useful reports regarding your position on SERPs, your competitors position, keyword analysis, keyword suggestion and more.  Also by bidding on certain keywords that are most popular in search engine results pages and relevant to your business, you can start to create marketing campaigns that can make your website show in the top of the search queries in no time at all. 

For an SEM campaign to be successful you need to take in consideration these factors:

  • Know your goals. Are they conversions, brand awareness, responses to emails, rank as number 1 in the search result page?
  • Define your budget;
  • Know what channels you want to use. If you have a B2B (business-to-business) company you should not be using the exact same channels as a business to B2C (business-to-consumer) company.
  • Create and optimize Social Media advertising – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.
  • Define an email marketing strategy;
  • Create a remarketing campaign.

Our main objective is to find the right approach for your business but you will undoubtedly encounter articles, videos, and sales-people talking about meta tags, page titles, backlinking, landing page speed, keyword difficulty, and so much more. While all are legitimate elements of a solid strategy, without contextual data and content marketing those tactics cannot be maximally effective.

A well thought out SEO and SEM marketing plan needs to have a long term perspective in order to be efficient and take your business to a whole new level also if it’s done professionally it can increase your revenue, leading you in front of your competitors. Each business has different goals: drive more traffic to the website (both paid and organic traffic), spread brand awareness, increase the conversion rate for your e-commerce store, generate more leads. Kompani Group wants to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Kompani Group employs several technological tools to help us analyze data points such as:

Keywords for which your website currently ranks

Keywords for which your competitors rank

Keywords for which your competitors are spending advertising dollars

Rate of change in rankings vs competitors

Industry/topic relevant search volume

Traffic volume/traffic sources

Inbound Links

Domain Authority

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