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DCE Solar Case Study

Clean energy is a field that’s growing fast. So fast, in fact, that some of the first and most established brands in the market are often eclipsed by newcomers to the field eager to offer “flash” over substance. Such was the case for our client DCE Solar.

At the time they came to us, they were Daetwyler Clean Energy, and while they had an impressive track record with designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality, most innovative racking solutions available for solar panels, the value of their decades of expertise was getting lost against other companies that claimed to be solar “specialists.” Taking a cue from their own field, the brand decided to refocus their energies and get more power from their brand with smart and strategic branding and marketing initiative.  

Elevating the Future of Solar

Daetwyler Clean Energy had been in the solar energy market so long that their expertise was unmatched when it came to overcoming common installation challenges. And yet, relatively few commercial and industrial-grade installers realized the innovative solutions that are built into each and every one of the brand’s racking products.

As well, the cluttered message in the industry that “clean energy” could mean natural gas, wind, or even hydroelectric power, and not strictly solar. The perception of this broad term meant target customers were not instantly aware of Daetwyler Clean Energy as a leading provider of solar racking products. Instead, installers and contractors on big industrial energy jobs were left to make decisions based solely on a budget or a previous experience with another brand. It wasn’t great for Daetwyler Clean Energy and it certainly wasn’t matching projects with the best possible solution for their needs. Kompani Group had a multi-tiered plan that would solve all these challenges and more.

Kompani Group Responded With:

  • New Name and Logo
  • New Tagline Development
  • New Re-branded Company Website
  • Updated Product Naming
  • Website Optimization (both design and functionality)
  • Mobile-Site Compatibility 
  • Integrated Sales Materials and Product Info on Website
  • White Paper Series on Industry Best Practices – recirculated to industry publications
  • Case Studies and Award Submissions
  • Direct Mail and Collateral Sales Materials
  • E-Mail Marketing 
  • Tradeshow and Event Marketing Support
  • Web Hosting 
  • Social Media content development and publication

Starting with a switch to DCE Solar and a tagline to “Elevating the Future of Solar,” the newly updated brand now stands as the industry authority when it comes to construction, materials, and design of solar racking products. By providing free, in-depth, educational pieces on the various types of solar installations most often encountered in the field, DCE Solar not only provided more insight to contractors but also positioned itself as the most knowledgeable manufacturer for upcoming projects. The white paper series was so well received a number of excerpts were republished by industry publications, giving even more exposure to the brand.

A redesigned, optimized website supported person-to-person sales efforts with easily accessible information on the company, its products, design specs, installation guides, and more. Coupled with additional email marketing efforts featuring white papers and product benefits, the sales experience from DCE Solar’s side became one of a valued project consultant rather than first-time introductions, since the brand was now known and respected for its expertise. The latest efforts from DCE Solar are continuing along these lines with in-person sales events, road-shows, and customized solutions-based quotes for some of the field’s largest EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firms. A number of other solar resellers have also expressed an interest in partnering with DCE Solar for future project sales.

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